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Paint hit – shoot with the color cannon! Paint Hit is a cool casual game in which you can shoot with color on spinning circles. As in the popular app, you can also prove your accuracy in Paint Hit Online and shoot at more and more of the spinning spirals. This colorful and fast fun for in between thrills even after many levels and becomes more and more demanding over time. Unlike the Paint Hit app, always shun all of your paintballs for the next level level to appear and stay within the time limit.

Wormate.io Best Score for online players

How many spiral rings can you meet? Find it out now and let paint balls fly in Paint Hit!

This is how you play Paint Hit

The gameplay is easy to learn and offers plenty of entertaining entertainment:

Aim with the mouse on the white surfaces of the rotating circular discs.

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You have to land multiple hits per circle as you approach the time limit. You must not touch the already colored spots.

Tips and Tricks – Play Paint Hit for free. The right timing and goals and meetings are important. But even if you miss your goal, you can still bring it to a new best. Stay connected for more games and articles!

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