Tactics Core io Unblocked Play Game for kids

This is how you play Adventure Island. Your Monkey Joe runs by itself and it’s up to you to steer him in the right direction. Of course, collect as many coins and bananas as you can on your way. You can continue playing with bananas, even if you have lost. They are also available in the Kingdom of Monkeys shop and cost 2000 coins per piece.

Tactics Core io Unblocked Play Game for children

Jump by tapping or clicking with the mouse. Double-tap and double-click leads to double jumps. Pressing it lets you slide. So you can survive even deep jumps. Jump the opposing monkey on the head to defeat them.

Tactics Core io Unblocked Play Game for gamersĀ 

Tips and tricks – use cool powerups and customize your monkey. In the shops, you can re-dress your monkey with T-shirts and funny headgear and buy useful powerups:

the magnet that attracts coins. the doubler for twice the profits. the shield that you can use against gorillas with spears and orangutans from the monkey king’s army

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And now on to the jungle! Play Monkey kingdom for free online on our web site!

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