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Minions sauna – let the yellow guys sweat! Minions Sauna is a fun girl game in which you can prepare the Minion Karl for his sauna visit and make him sweat properly. Even the little yellow movie stars like to relax in the comforting warmth of a Finnish sauna or a Turkish steam bath. Accompany them to the new Minions sauna and make sure you have a pleasant stay, matching bath and hand towels and fragrant infusions. Best Score for kids

Make sure you have plenty of steam and a pleasant stay so that Karl and his friends can soon embark on new adventures. Play through three stages and have fun preparing, doing the spa treatments, and styling your sweet yellow buddy. Do you find the best infusions for the most relaxing sauna aisles of the sweet Minions? Best Score for children

This is how you play Mini Realife Sauna. First of all, Karl wants to be prepared for the sauna experience. Let him take off his clothes, give him a towel and a swimming cap and shave off his disturbed beard. Then you can start:

Put the most beautiful stones on the hot fireplace. Choose a fragrant infusion and apply it. Drain the Minions again and again between the sauna sessions. For more games and articles, stay with connected us.

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