Best Score for kids

99 balls – make the longest ball chain! 99 Balls is a cool game of skill in which the game elements of bubble shooter and break out are combined in a fascinating way.

Aim and shoot the colorful bubbles and shove them off the board as usual. Unlike other games of this genre, it is not enough to hit the balls once in the right combination. In 99 balls, your goals are more stubborn and can only be removed after a specified number of hits. Up to 99 elements of a ball chain help you as ammunition. Best Score for gamers

With each shot, your pitch will continue to slide down, so try to hit as many balls as possible at once. Of course also collect lots of points and achieve an impressive highscore! Can you kick the balls off the field with 99 balls? Best Score for children

This is how you play 99 balls. Left-click targets by dragging the mouse back and release them to shoot. There are numbers on the bubbles that indicate how many times you have to hit them to make them burst.

There are also many stars waiting for you to unlock new weapons. Also collect the rings that allow you to increase the number of balls fired simultaneously and form ball chains of up to 99 balls.

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