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Get the little yellow guys to steam and let them breathe in the soothing essential oils. After the sauna sessions Karl can shower off alone and is ready for the last, funny round.

Tips and tricks – find a fancy costume. After a relaxing sauna call for more fun. Find a suitable costume for the next adventure of the Minions and decide between three outfits:

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Pippi Longstocking



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If you liked Minions sauna, then play Minions haircut, Minions cooking and Style your Minion. Fancy a round of wellness fun with your yellow delights? Then play Minions Sauna online for free on our web site!

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3D Free Kick World Cup 2018 – kick your way to the highscore! 3D Free Kick World Cup 2018 is a cool sports game where you can play for the World Cup with your best footballing skills.

Take on the new highscore in this tournament of the best teams in the world and try to hit the best spots of the goal from various free kick points. Corners bring you more points than the middle of the gate. Choose your favorite team and shoot with the mouse or by swiping across the screen. Vary your maneuvers, overcame the defensive wall and play as long as possible with three possible misses.

Can you fight your way to the final and win the world championship title? Play your best on the grass and play 3D Free Kick World Cup 2018 online for free on our web site!

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