Best Score for kids and adult players

Your mission: Infiltrate the plane of a notorious gang of thieves and hand it over to the law enforcement agencies. Use again so skrille tools like the sticking hand, the magic pen and the robotic battle suit to make your way past your opponent and overcome all obstacles. Best Score for gamers

This is how you play Infiltrating the Airship. The gameplay of this funny cartoon-like puzzle game is already familiar to you from Henry’s first adventures:

Click on one of the options available to Henry in the moments of decision and see what happens.

Depending on how you decide, the game can take a different turn or be completely over at this point. Best Score for game players

You can then change your decision with the retry button or start again from the beginning, if this narrative is a dead end.

Think of your mission and try to eliminate the gang of thieves and force their plane to land.

But Henry would not be a master thief if, on his mission on behalf of the law, he would not even take one or two diamonds with him. The treasure chambers of the gang of thieves are well filled – what could be more appropriate than to rob the robbers themselves?

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