Best Score for kids

Tips and tricks – celebrate your successes. You can reach different ranks in Infiltrating the Airship and win medals that depend on the outcome of this adventure. Just go through all sorts of variants and get:

the rank of master thief who loots the huge ruby.

the rank of the Master of Fail, who played through all 60 Fails.

the medal music enthusiast who hears a song from the game. Best Score for children

More free action games with funny stick figures.

If you liked Infiltrating the Airship, then why not play Raus aus der Bau, Kleiner Parkour Runner 2 and Stick Figure Badminton 2?

Here we go! Become a master spy and play Infiltrating the Airship online for free on our web site! Best Score for game players

Barbie’s Crepe Hairstyle – style the new hair trend!

Barbie’s Crepe Hairstyle is a sweet girl’s game in which you can crawl the trendy mini waves into the hair of the famous model and add some wild colors to the look.

Creping hair is making a comeback! Style Barbie, by implementing a new, fresh version of the 80’s hairstyle technique and complemented by bright colorful hair colors. You are allowed to experiment as a hairdresser to your heart’s content. Whether in a braid or as an open curly hair man – Barbie is definitely a good figure!

And now go to the crepes!  Play Barbie’s Crepe Hairstyle for free online on our web site!

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