Diep.io Best Score for kids

If you have not hit properly, you can use a second chance in Paint Hit once per target. Note that the turntables can change direction and speed – use every opportunity, but do not shoot too fast.

More free accuracy games full of action. If you liked Paint Hit, then play Helix Jump and Sloper. So go to the color balls and go on fire! Play Paint Hit for free online on our web site!

Diep.io Best Score for children

Kingdom of the Apes – explore the secrets of the jungle! Kingdom of the Apes is a fun jump and run game in which you can experience many adventures in search of his brother with the monkey Joe.

Diep.io Best Score for online gamers

Joe’s brother Eric must be found on one of the many islands that make up the kingdom of the mighty Monkey Ruler. Can you find the little chimpanzee? Master different missions in each of the many exciting levels on Monkey Island to continue your fight through the jungle.

Walk and jump like a real monkey and do not miss the golden treasures of the monkey kingdom. Coins and bananas will give you an edge on your exciting journey and can be exchanged for power-ups in the shop. But even the mysterious treasure chests in the Kingdom of the Apes promise surprising profits that you should not miss. Is the new king of the jungle in you? Grab your sweet Baby King Kong and explore the secrets of the Monkey Island!

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