Best Score Ever- Highest Score and New World Record

When it comes to io games, comes to mind first. There you start as a tiny point, eating up other points and getting bigger and bigger. The size is also the inertia but that’s what makes the game so appealing. Meanwhile, there are other variants and offshoots that are just called io games. Here you can play in multiplayer mode against massive opponents in the whole world and prove your skills. Best Score- New World Record and Highest ScoreĀ 

Another io hit is the game Agar (also known as Agario). Here you control a circular cell, which you can enlarge by eating other cells. However, over time, the cell gets slower and slower the fatter and bigger it gets. This makes it harder to escape from other cells. Of course, playing the Agar io is completely free on our site and guarantees hours of fun. Best Score-Highest Score Ever

The game has become so well known and popular that it even made an appearance in the series “House of cards”, where Frank Underwood plays the game on his phone. For the older generation, io games have a nostalgic touch, because they remind of the old games of the 80s and 90s due to their simplicity. Best Score- World Record

For the younger generation, they are definitely an exciting new pastime against online opponents or friends.So if you’re looking for “slither io play for free”, “slither io online”, “agario” or any other io games, you’ve come to the right place!

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